What can kids learn, and is it safe?

Tsubaki Kendo Club caters for children from 7 years up to 17 years. The environment is friendly and lively, but with a serious emphasis on learning traditional Japanese fencing, using traditional methods. Tsubaki places specific emphasis on the basics and is therefore very suitable for all children.

The children’s instructors primary focus is on providing a safe and supportive learning environment, along with learning the skills of fencing; discipline, manners, respect and correct movement within the kendo framework is emphasised, as well as a consideration for others. Children are allowed to be children, but, they are given boundaries, of which they are expected to stay within.

We ask all parents to try to play a part in supporting their children during classes, as the study of kendo for children requires a Three Point support base:
1. An interest in kendo from the child;
2. The support and care from the parents; and
3. The instruction from the teacher.
These three points must work together for the benefit of the child's kendo development.

During classes, children will interact with other children and adults, and encouraged to give 100% effort during classes.Kendo is a physical activity, and whilst the children are always supervised, like all contact sports, minor injuries do occur from time-to-time. Tsubaki is lucky, in that we have numerous qualified first aiders, a GP and a medical consultant as regular members, so injuries are dealt with quickly and professionally. We carry a first aid kit that is always well stocked.

We request that parents of under 13’s stay during class sessions, and non-practicing siblings stay at home.
We are UNABLE to administer any prescribed or non-prescribed medicines.
Instructors are CRB/DBS checked.

Fees and membership
Like all clubs, there are fees to pay for classes and memberships.
1. Club membership is £20.
2. Classes are paid in advance monthly by Standing Order. £25.
3. Lastly, there is the compulsary British Kendo Association’s membership fee.

To join the club, there is one form to fill-in and hand back to the club so records can be kept. Records are NOT shared and are kept confidential.

The club has one location – Carshalton, Surrey.
Spaces are often limited so please check below if there is availability.
If your child is keen to try kendo, please email us in the first instance regardless.

Please email to get details.

If you have any questions in either English or Japanese, please contact the club at: